Styromatic A/S
Sintrupvej 25 A
DK - 8220  Brabrand


CVR: DK76563314  


Telefon +45 8745 3100
Fax + 45 8745 3111


Impressum - AGB

ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certificate of Registration


Click on the ISO9001 or ISO14001 to download the Certificate. Styromatic Thailand wad ISO9001 Certificate in Thailand.


 STY Certificate 20152016 09 27 14 08 56 STL Certificate of ISO9001 ISO14001 version 2015 expire 2019            



Quality Control

kvali 1Electronic which doesn't function is a complain for everybody and often very expensive to correct after installation. As a consequence we have developed the most modern test equipment, which secures the produced printed circuit boards an optimal customs security in the final product. The companies test equipment is able to manage automatic "in circuit test" and "burn in test" and is implemented by qualified technicians.