Styromatic A/S
Sintrupvej 25 A
DK - 8220  Brabrand


CVR: DK76563314  


Telefon +45 8745 3100
Fax + 45 8745 3111


Impressum - AGB

Quality and Flexibility

The business concept of Styromatic is to build a partnership with the customer. As a sub-supplier we are able to monitor the total chain from idea to delivery. To get the optimal production we support you with a selection of components from point of price, availability either from own stock or market ressources. Further we are able to help with the print layouts. Delivery at guaranteed date and quality is a natural part of each delivery and part of the total concept.

Just in time
Purchasing and production is natural planned after the "just in time" principal to avoid unnecessary stock holding cost. Further Styromatic's long lasting know-how and contact to the component market secures that the customer gets the lowest possible price. Our long lasting contact to the market also secures that in case of component shortage we have an experienced and well-staffed purchasing department, which is able to trace the component all over the world.

As part of a central control system in our company we have an integrated MPS system based on Concorde XAL, which secures all orders through the different phases in the production flow. All orders are monitored online, all time used for production is registered so the customer only pays for used time. This also gives us the possibility to trace the product back to the operator of the product.