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Impressum - AGB

SMD production

Surface Mount Devices (SMD) is a modern technology, which offers low cost production from small to bigger product runs. Our assembly robot belongs to the most flexible on the market in connection with set up time and fixing the circuit boards. The robots big capacity and our employee's expertise secure the highest quality and a cost competitive production.

The PCB´s can bee soldered with Hot Air or Vapor-Phase.

Our production capacity 3 lines in Denmark, and 2 lines i Thailand. The lines work automatically with:

- Automatic Loading

- Screenprinting

- Pasta Control

- Component mounting

- Welding process

- Automatic magazin loading

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Lead production

After the SMD-production the PCBs are finished in our department for Leaded Production.

The soldering is according to RoHS Compliance.

For bigger lots we use a Streckfuss-Wave-Soldering-Machine. The machine is equipped with nitrogen and through this process we are able to solder lead-free. We belong to one of the few on the market with this possibility.

For the smaller lots or PCBs with components on both sides we solder with a laser soldering machine.

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