Your partner for flexible high-quality EMS

High-quality Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) – and the agility to quickly adjust to your preferences and deliver the solutions you require

Full range of EMS

Tell us what you need, and we handle the rest – from sourcing and prototyping through manufacturing and testing to packaging and shipping. Styromatic has the experience and expertise to provide everything you require. You only have to supply the blueprints.

Quick and agile processes

When you work with Styromatic, things move quickly. We are not the biggest player in the industry, and this works to your advantage: We have short chains of command, and we make swift decisions. You can quickly reach the right people, and your requests are implemented fast.

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Communication and partnership

We listen to your requirements, develop a solution that meets them, and keep you informed throughout. For decades, communication has been the foundation of everything we do, and our customer cooperation has often evolved into close long-term partnerships.

Continuity and stability

We have been here for you since 1984, and we will be here for the future: Our consistent focus on agility and quality, and the independence we enjoy as a family-owned private company, have enabled us to stay in business and offer you continuity and stability in a fast-changing industry.

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