Full range of flexible EMS

What services do we offer?

We manufacture electronics solutions to your specifications and requirements. Tell us what you need, and we handle the rest – from sourcing and prototyping through manufacturing and testing to packaging and shipping.

When you work with us, you draw on our decades of EMS experience and extensive technical expertise. And you get an agile business partner capable of adjusting quickly to your preferences and giving you the solution you require.

We source the required components from our global supplier network. We carefully select manufacturers, distributors, catalogue houses, and brokers for their ability to provide the right technology, quality, and delivery terms at the right price. We can manufacture prototypes and help you design PCB layouts, and we provide product maturation and DFM (Design for Manufacturing) services.

Manufacturing and assembly

We manufacture your products on our flexible and cost-effective production lines in Denmark and/or Thailand. We are specialists in SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) manufacturing and also handle THT (Through-Hole Technology) processes. We offer fully automated and manual manufacturing in full compliance with the RoHS directive and using production lines with state-of-the-art equipment.

Testing and quality control

We offer testing and QC procedures to verify the performance of your products, and we work with you to define test strategies that suit your requirements. From AOI (Analytical Optical Inspection) and X-ray quality control to functional testing and static or dynamic burn-in testing, we make sure that your finished product will do what it is supposed to do.

Finishing and box build

After production, we can finish your PCBAs using a protective lacquer coating or cast them in silicone, POM, glue, et cetera. We also provide box build services to give you a finished cabinet or frame assembly complete with cables, sensors, user interface, and other mechanical parts – and we handle all labelling and packaging.

Logistics and after-sales service

No matter where your finished product needs to be sent, we get it there using our efficient worldwide shipping and logistics partners. And if something is not right, we provide after-sales service to get you back on track: All Styromatic products are fully traceable using bar codes, and we have a well-defined RMA (Return Material Authorisation) process if you need to return a product.

Certified quality

We know you require quality products, and we have the people and processes to deliver. At Styromatic, your products are manufactured by highly skilled and motivated employees using standardised processes and high-end equipment. Our quality management is ISO 9001 certified by DNV, and we can manufacture your products to comply with IPC-A610 class 2 and 3.

Sales of excess components

We do our best to only source and stock components we actually use, but production plans sometimes change. As a result, we carry a stock of components that we no longer need and which you can purchase from us.