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Impressum - AGB

Returning products for repair or service.


If a product is defective, either upon delivery or later during the warranty period, and if you must have performed service on your product, you must have an RMA number. to send the product back to us.

RMA-No. is to help us to manage returned goods, we are able to provide a faster and more accurate remediation of the fault, whether you need the returned product repaired, serviced, exchanged or credited.

Shortly afterwards you will receive an RMA number. You must write on the outside package with return the product and delivery note. RMA-No. sent to your email.

When will my product serviced?


When our service department receives the goods, we begin immediately to work with it. Normally, all repairs completed within 14 days.The advantage of the RMA system is that all repairs that are pre-booked, are scheduled in our system.

This way we can - already at the reception - immediately begin working with them and avoid unnecessary delays.Once the repair is complete, we send the return without cost if it is a warranty repair.

For further information, please contact salesdepartment on tel +45 8745 3100 or E-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

How long an RMA number valid?


After you have received the RMA number with email, the material must be received by Styromatic within 7 days otherwise the RMA number is no longer valid. An RMA number can not be reused to obtain a new per. case.

Item without RMA number.


When sending goods back without an RMA number, these will be rejected and returned without having made service / repair, at your expense.

Link to: RMA form